Braai (Brr-eyee)


 A typical word used across many languages in Southern Africa. When someone mentions a “braai” the immediate image that is conjured up is that of:

Good Food, Good Company and having an all-round Good Time.

A good braai can transform a boring meal and turn it into a mini celebration.
From a large family home gathering on a weekend, to a meat packed grid at a camping site, from a glorious hiking trail, to a hunting lodge, or an
adventurous bike trip… The image remains the same:

Tasty Meat, Great Company and Memorable Times.


Buying our products will help you smell and taste this uniquely South African experience – braai-ing. 

We invite you (and your foodie friends & family) to try out our African Hardwood briquettes.

Introducing the Culture of Braai with the Two Cowboys.


We make use of invader and related varieties of bush – no endangered species.


We are providing income opportunities to disadvantaged communities.


African hardwood (invader bush) is taking over savannahs by 10 – 30% per year, despite a 50% increase in charcoal production in the past 3 years.


African hardwood is extremely hard and burns consistently producing high heat.