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I have a green egg bbq, I have been using their branded charcoal for a few years now. After using this a acacia charcoal, I will never use anything else. This product is amazing. Long lasting, good temperature control, great flavour! Better in every way. Plus it comes in a box instead of a paper bag, which is soo much better!
Ray A
I had just picked up this charcoal on my visit to Vancouver and took it with me up to northern Alberta. Im pleased to say that even in a mild -10 Canadian winter, it did not let me down! I was able to cook my bbq with no problem at all. I highly recommend this product and will definitely purchase again.
Michael Santos
Adam Protter

Folks, Acacia BBQ Charcoal is back. Over a decade ago, I was one of the 1st to use this really special charcoal from Africa, made from invasive Thorn Tree wood. My good friend Hendrik made me a believer. Alas, it was a tough business and the product, though ecologically positive and financially uplifting for locals, had disappeared. Now years later, Hendrik’s son, has revived the business in tribute to his late father as well as paving a great future for himself as an entrepreneur. This charcoal has properties similar to Pok Pok charcoal, super hot, long burning with low ash and can even be used as a substitute for Binchotan. So, what’s a Canadian boy to do when it a snowy day in December; there’s a special on back ribs and I have a supply of this product? Ribs baby! Not just any Ribs, but Big Smoke BBQ Competition Style Ribs glazed with Smokey Lime Sauce. “Thems was nice ass ribs Baby, oh yeah.” Nicely done Ruan Van Der Walt, your charcoal is a winner.

Heleen Hofmeyr

We love this product! Great quality. Had an amazing bbq and can’t wait for the next one.

Henk Oberholzer

This Acacia charcoal is amazing. Smells great and burns for a long time!

Henk Oberholzer

Amazing charcoal! Smells amazing and lasts forever.

Handre & Rolene Senekal

We bought a pack of Acacia BBQ Charcoal as we had a few friends coming over for a braai. We were pleasantly surprised by the superb quality of the charcoal and smoky flavour it brought to our steaks. It also lasts much longer than the other charcoal we normally use. Thankyou for making this incredible new product available in Canada!!

Lisa Rey

November 2 at 8:46 PM · …Tonight I had the best pork skewers BBQ with the Acacia BBQ Coals. I’m so excited that I can now purchase your coals in BC. Way to go Acacia you have me for a customer and my friends to. 🙂

Lydia Waterson

We used Acacia BBQ Lump Charcoal, and it smelled so good. Smells like South Africa! It is fantastic!!!