We pack Springbok Braai lump charcoal (8.8 lbs) and briquettes (5 lbs) in quality boxes.
The box means easier handling and storage.
Great saving on rack space.
Watch out, these coals burn VERY hot and should be used sparingly.

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We recommend using 1.5 lbs of charcoal per use, depending on the size of your barbeque.
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Many years of research went into sourcing The Best African Charcoal to bring into North America.

BBQ aficionados rate our product as one of the best, if not THE best.

Now all Americans and Canadians can experience what a real “braai” is..



No endangered species are used; only Invader bush and introduced varieties.
All products are obtained under export permits. We have a highly rated environmentalist on board
to monitor the sustainability and socio – economic dynamics of Africa as part of our contribution to rural upliftment.

•Premium quality:

Acacia wood is extremely
dense and burns consistently with high heat.



Less charcoal and smaller chunks needed.

•100 % Natural:

No fillers or chemicals.


Despite the massive increase in charcoal production in some parts of Africa, invader bush is taking over savannahs by approximately 10 – 30% per year. Eradicating and using this wood is critical to the whole eco-system of nature, people and environment.

Springbok Braai fuels have some unique features:

Heats quickly.
Has a low smoke and spark heat development.
Burns longer and hotter.
Produces less ash.
Requires less charcoal and smaller chunks than needed with lower density woods.
Creates a finished product of evenly grilled food with a natural smoked taste.